Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Disney December 2016 Day 6

It may have been out last day, but it was full of magic- even while waiting for the bus!

Waiting for our bus took longer than normal. We saw like 6 buses come and go, but none for our park! (We were eating at Ohana's which meant we needed to take the MK bus. It was about 9am so EVERYONE needed to take that bus!)
While waiting, a bus driver for another bus got out and said:
"I have announcement to make! We have a very special princess here with us!"
*pulls out a ring*
"And it's her seventh birthday! Let's sing her happy birthday!"
Then he and the 30 or so people waiting for the bus sang her happy birthday.
*cue the waterworks*

We love charaters, so we love breakfast at Ohana's!

Annie had had her 8th brain surgery just a little over a month prior to our trip. She was still suffering with unexplained headaches, (months later we finally got to the bottom of it- her shunt was over-draining so badly that her ventricles barely showed on her CT!). While the headaches were going on, multiple Neurosurgeons said caffeine could help. Annie was very excited to get coffee with breakfast!

We come to Ohana's for Lilo and Stitch, but with our Mickey loving girl, seeing the Mouse sure is icing on the cake!

During breakfast they'll do a few "parades" with the kids. Mickey took Annie and led her around the restaurant! 😍😍😍

Sometime during the parade, Lilo took over! 
2 characters walks in one parade?! What a lucky girl!

We match!

Next we were off to Hollywood Studios

Knowing she'd wear her Lilo costume that morning, I planned to meet Moana first thing at the park. It may not be from the movie, but it coordinates pretty well, don't ya think?

In August, Annie dressed as Chewie, Han Solo, Darth Vader, BB8 and R2D2! The Storm Troopers rarely stop for pictures, but they stopped for Annie first thing. Then they started noticing her costume changes, (posed for a few more pics over the days), then asked when it was their turn. 🙈😍 I promised them we would be back in December wearing a ST costume!

Kylo Ren

Remember how I said the Storm Troopers rarely stop for pictures? Well, we got a few pictures in August and though it was not guaranteed, I had high hopes it could happen this day. Annie has made a few Cast Member friends at Hollywood Studios. We saw one earlier in the week, talked costumes, and told him we were coming back on Friday dressed as the Storm Troopers. He took my number to make sure to set up some special moments for Annie, (how awesome is that?!). Y'ALL, I told him the wrong day! We were really going to be there Thursday and we were leaving for home on Friday! I felt sick! Obviously it could mean missing on a special moment, (I assumed it was meeting the Troopers), but I also felt bad! He took time to plan stuff, and we wouldn't be there! THANKFULLY he called while we were there and I was able to tell him about my mistake! Crisis averted! 

Check this Magic:

Look at her checking him out... 

Time with the Jawas again- this Jawa remember Annie (and her costume changes) from August! 😍

Our dreams came true with being able to take pictures with the Storm Troopers, so we wrapped up our Star Wars time with pictures with these statues... or so we thought...

As we walked out, a Storm Trooper waved Annie over and had Annie follow him!

Stop right there and that was pretty awesome right?! IT GETS BETTER!

He led Annie to the Star Wars stage show and had her revere Captain Phasma and the March of the First Order! 

So cool right?! 


Cast Members of the stage showed us where to stand. I thought they were just having her catch the show. The Storm Troopers hung around too. I still thought it was just a little more Trooper love time.


They had Annie turn around with her back to the stage...
On her way out, Captain Phasma stopped for a pic! You can't meet here at all! The Storm Troopers are on patrol which is why pictures with them are rare and posed pictures are even more rare! But to get a pic with Captain Phasma- well the CM told us Annie would be the only person that day with that picture. Very rare, and even more awesome!
The Storm Troopers joined in...

We made one more Star Wars stop and rode Star Tours. Annie and I loved it, but Paul gets motion sickness and was miserable right from the start. We didn't realize it was 4D and those are the rides Paul really needs to avoid! BUT, he was chosen as the rebel that was being hunted by Vader. I'm sure if he wasn't green he would have enjoyed that! haha
Also, I don't remember which day it was, but we rode The Great Movie Ride for the first time. I was surprised at how fun it was! I definitely recommend it!

One more round on Toy Story Mania! 

Magic Kingdom is our favorite, so we always like to end our trip there!

Riding in the wheelchair accessible Magic Carpet!

During the ride, Daddy and Annie kept trying to get spit on by the camel, so we had to catch a pic:
Paul was pretending to spit and we tried to get Annie to do that too- note her face. haha

This was our first ride on the Jungle Cruise, and it was decorated for Christmas- the Jingle Cruise!

Annie enjoyed herself until we had to go into the cave- she was quite scared!

We had a fast pass for the Mine Train and they let her ride it twice, (the CMs had come to recognize her and knew it was her favorite!💛). Then we got a return time with her DAS and rode it one last time- and the CMs let her go twice again!💛💛💛 I'll put all the pics here to save time. haha 4 times in one day- that is how we rode it 10 times this trip! haha

We seem to be missing a horizontal pic, hmmm...

We ended our night with Beauty and the Beast

Be Our Guest

For her birthday they brought her "the Grey Stuff!" One last birthday wish! 💛💛💛

Dancing with the Beast!

Enchanted Tales with Belle
Annie was the Beast 😍😍😍

Dancing with Belle

We saved Talking Mickey for last since he is on the way out!

She crashed on the bus- perfect ending to a magical 7th birthday Disney trip!